Welcome to Human Havens!

Human Havens is a triple-bottom-line provider of empowered sustainable solutions for a thriving world.

“We may not be able to change the world… But we can change the lives of people and families one home at a time.”
-Robert Plarr

WHY have we done this?

We care about you, our children and generations to come. We are living in the most important time in history. A world of great contrast and great opportunity. We represent new ways to honor the web of life, each other and future generations. We need solutions right now and there is no time left for complacency. On this site we will be pointing out the challenges we are facing in the world right now. But we would like to promise you something… for every problem that we present on this website, we will offer a solution. We collectively have over 100 years of experience in the green movement. We have built, lived, and perfected the solutions we are offering. So many have viewed “going green” as a more expensive option that also means down sizing or giving up something. Our solutions are affordable and will allow you to gain something… “Thrive-Ability”.

We have applied the cooperative and sustainable models to our own business structure by making sure all of our strategic partnerships
honor and respect the planet, empower people and society, and are financially viable… thus the three pillars “Planet-People-Profit” or the “Triple-Bottom-Line”. Our new business model also has the core principles of cooperation, compassion and thrive-ability. As a result of this new paradigm business model that combines the head and the heart, we are a family of very passionate and talented people. We have become a movement of empowerment that is far greater than what we could have done independently.

Human Havens represents a revolution in the way sustainable structures are being made.

With the Plarr House we figured out a way to fundamentally shift the way homes are made to be in harmony with nature. Our beautiful non-toxic, renewable structures come alive and nurture you by manufacturing your own energy, food and water… Protect you from severe weather, clean your water, filter your air, keep you warm and cool and protect the environment.

After 35 years of research development and a multi-million dollar incubation green tech center, we perfected and proved what we call
“The Science of Sustainable Integration”. Then we put all that passion and science into the next generation of sustainable homes that has the same magic woven into a beautiful, affordable high quality home for the masses.

The end result is far better that we even dreamed of.

Our quality and precision in the manufacturing is almost completely unheard of in this industry. Because we can keep our quality control and efficiency optimized we just simply get it right over and over again… affordably.

The experience of the amazing people that have chosen to come together at this time to bring this forward is, without a doubt, a divinely orchestrated event. Each of us knows this is the time for this solution to come forward… to gracefully allow people to live an empowered, healthy life in harmony with the planet and each other.

We feel we have created a beautiful home from the inside out that will change the way people think of sustainability.
These homes are truly havens for humanity. You can now pay it forward through your own joyful ability to thrive!

Are you ready?

The Plarr House represents the most exciting revolution in the green building industry!

As we roll out the new version of the Plarr House we are also rolling out almost 500 related products that will make a difference. We will be constantly adding more exciting content to this site as we are ready to announce and inform. There are many ways to get involved with us so feel free to fill in the contact form so we can include you in this movement and give power back to the people. We are just making it easier and more graceful with the guidance of nature.

We believe you are free to create your own reality, so you might as well choose the one you want.

It’s time to have fun…. together!

“Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it.

Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.”

- Chief Seattle

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