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Plarr House, Co-Founder & President

Creative Visionary – Former President of Dorney Park and Wild Water Kingdom – Author – Eco-Green Pioneer – Nutritionist – Fitness Coach – Science of Sustainable Home Building Designer.

Robert Plarr has been building, researching and promoting sustainable&renewable technologies. Since the 1970′s, Robert Plarr has been a famed environmental pioneer, visionary, entrepreneur, and a lightning rod in the SUSTAINABLE and GREEN movement. Robert is a man of action, a former Recon Marine, athlete and fitness teacher. In 1975, Plarr built a 45,000 watt wind-turbine and an earth sheltered passive-solar experimental home. Inside the amusement park, he implemented one of the world’s largest windmills, built an Energy and Sustainable Educational Center, and hosted the “World’s First Inland Surfing Championship” inside a wave pool. Plarr has been featured in print, radio, talk shows, CBS, ABC, NBC, and World News stations.


Robert Plarr was president of Dorney Park and Wild Water Kingdom from 1985-1991. In 1985 revenue was $5,000,000 and attendance was 400,000 people per year in 1985. In 1991 the park revenues where $32,000,000 per year and the attendance was 1,200,000 visitors. In 1992 Dorney park (In Operation for 107 years) in Allentown Pennsylvania was sold $48,000,000. The past presidents of the park was Great Grandfather Jacob Plarr, Grandfather Robert L Plarr and Father Stephen Plarr.

35 Years of Wind Energy Implementation and Experience

Hydrogen Power & Sustainable House



The video below is featuring breakthrough Wind Power Generators and also featuring Robert Plarr’s Largest Privately
Owned Wind Generator to contribute electric power for his
Amusement park in 1978


Robert Plarr & Victoria Peters co-created & built the world famous “Angels Nest Show Place & Renewable Research Center,” in Taos, New Mexico in 2002. For 7 years the Angels Nest showcased cutting-edge, off-grid, eco-friendly, classy, and luxurious sustainable lifestyles. With strategic alliances through Angels Nest, Robert Plarr and Victoria Peters created, launched, and branded Worlds Nest which includes the science of sustainable integration that encapsulates all green systems in one functional structure. Angels Nest was a green technology incubator that housed many scientists living and working there on a daily basis. It has been an attraction for thousands of people globally including many inventors, business owners, political leaders, celebrities and the public at large. In 2010, Angels Nest, Worlds Nest, and Suns Nest combined to create a strategic partnership with Greenzilla and now has all the resources necessary to provide all the green-sustainable systems to create fully affordable sustainable homes and businesses.

Featuring Sustainable Tour at Angels Nest Technology Incubator. Solar – Wind – Indoor Rain Forest – Waist Water Treatment – Food Production – Hydrogen Fuel Station – Hydrogen BIO Vehicle – BIO Engeered Road & Infrastructures
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